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The superiority of Muslims remain in ”establishing truth and resisting against injustice”. It is a holy duty for a Muslim to do this work with his/her level best . Especially, students are perfect soldiers for this work. That is why, students are active and effective manpower of a country and a nation.


يظل تفوق المسلمين في “إثبات الحقيقة ومقاومة الظلم”. إنه واجب مقدس على المسلم أن يقوم بهذا العمل على أفضل وجه. على وجه الخصوص ، الطلاب هم جنود مثاليون لهذا العمل. هذا هو السبب في أن الطلاب هم قوة بشرية نشطة وفعالة لبلد وأمة. They are invaluable properties and leaders for foreseeable future of a country. The progress , peace and prosperity that means hope and aspiration of a nation depend on student’s tireless labor, unobstracted power and sharp brain. Their industry would be succeeded through using their power and knowledge against injustice ,tyranny, or evil and by seeking knowledge for walefare of a country. Student life is the first step to be an honest and ideal man.

Student mind is always curious. There are two questions in front of a conscious student. Firstly, life-question; where is he\she from? What is his duty during the period of his/her life and as a result, where is his goal? Secondly, periodical-question; why are the injustice and tyranny, harassment, going all over the country? In which path, the permanent peace and final freedom of a country would be come? Present moral and uncharacteristic education systems are completely failed to answer these qauestions. On the other hand, the holders and bearers of the present ingnorant social systems fail providing correct dirrection to the students. Many of us using the student community as tools for our poor interest. This confounded leadership has spotted the smooth and pure tradition of students by operating the adolescents labor, power and brain in the wrong way.

The fair environment has not yet to establish in campuses inspite of having strong roles of the students community to change our government again and again. Their claims have not yet to be in real reflection Thus, there is a great frustration among the students. They lose their faith to this pragmatic and virtueless education system. Already,Bellicose mind has been created among them. The whole nation is bewildered for these types of negetive effects of the students and herrified about their future.

Considering this critical and sensitive situation with proper exercising students’ labor,power, and brain to establish fair educational atmosphere to ensure absolute education to be a ideal person and to change contemporary social ignorance ,for being proper legislator to establish Islamic constitution, Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan was established on Friday on 23rd august in 1991 with promising, talented, and students’ representative by the earnest effort of the eminent Ulamaye Keram, saint and pious .Our aim of this expedition is eliciting students from inhumanity and cruelty educational systems and operating the adolescents in the Siratul Mustakim and leading towards the history and heritage of Muslims community.

Aim: To make human life and to establish all ruels and regulations of Islam in every sector of the society according to the Quran and Sunnah, by following the same way of khola faye rasheda and sahabaye keram with terminating all kinds of musteries of the ignorance.
Purpose: To achieve the sanctification of Allah.

Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan has exposed five well thought program to accomplish this aim.

1) To achieve knowledge and training.
2) Exercise and self purification.
3) Invitation.
4) Organization.
5) Revolution.

1. To achieve knowledge and training
1.1 To arouse the students to achieve the Islamic knowledge for making themselves in the model of Islam.
1.2 Encouraging to realise the worthlessness of running virtuless education and theories of human and to achieve scholarship in Islamic and modern education.
1.3 Perseverence to make perfect soldiers for Islamic revolution against the all challenges of ignorance.

2. Exercise and self purification
2.1 To try to make ownself in the light of Islam and in the way of Sunnah.
2.2 Always remember the name of Allah in all works.
2.3 To try to make purification by going to the saint.
2.4 To try to do good work and to avoid bad work by externally and internally

3. Invitation
Inviting to perticipate to the movement to establish the supremacy of Allah and the ideal of Mohammad (SM) as a model in every aspects of life through declining all theories and ways of devil.

4. Organization
4.1 Organizing the students under the organization who are interested to participate to the movement to establish the law of Quran Sunnah that means Islamic constititution during the period of life through having same opinion with organization.
4.2 Spreading the movement through establishing oaganisation all and every field of institutions.

5. Revolution
5.1 Continuously solving the problems of the institutions in a peaceful way with mass efforts after marking.
5.2 Succeed the programs which is directed and approved by Islami Andolan Bangladesh.
5.3 Comprehensive trying to make Islamic Revolution by uncontrollable mass movement for permanent peace in society and country and ensure final freedom of human being after terminating the all activities against Islam.

The formation of Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andalon is formed with the union of central body, district, metropolis, thana, urban, union, ward and educational institute branch.

If any student is to be agreed with the purpose of Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan as well as being faithful on program and working system and promised to lead Islamic life and participate all activities of andolan, he could be a member by filling the particular from of the organization.

There are three working steps to develop the work of Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andalon.
1. Saddosso, 2. Kormi, 3. Muballig Prottashi, 4. Muballig

1. Practicing to say prayer in five times with alliance and Tahajjut. Staying with extra prayer for some time after saying compulsory prayer like Jikkir, reciting The Holy Quran etc. Always remember the name of Allah and saying Durud Sharif.
2. To recite Quran-Hadis, Masyala-Masayel, organization book and Daily newspaper.
3. To invite at least one student per day.
4. To prepare one’s mind to sacrifice everything’s in the way of Allah.
5. To observe mutual transaction and do cultured behaviour with others daily.
6. To help others daily.
7. To investigate ownself before going to sleep.
8. Saying salatul Hajot two rakat for establishment of Islam daily.


  • A student community is operated by the inspiration, direction and superintendence of Ulamaye Keram who are the successors of Mohammedan Prophet (SM.) to change the ignorance social systems.
  • A co-operator power of jihad to make a Islamic society by self-purificaton.
  • A mass effort of self purification with jihad .
  • Not being mantality of current polities rather than strength of assemble power of movement.
  • Not the present students politics rather than a process to obey the reliance duty to advice for good jobs and prohibit for wrong things.

Let’s we make a strong step against all injustice and unculture by operating our lives-youth, labor, power and brain in the way of Allah which are given by Him. Let’s make a controlled movement to establish Islamic constitution for parmanent peace and final freedom of human being in a country after terminating all activities against Islam and coloured ourselves by the colour of Allah to attend in Jihad-Fi-Sabilillah. May Allah accept us.


  • Eso Muktir Mohonay
  • Eso Muktir Rajpathe
  • Nitimala
  • Kalimaye Taiyebar Dabi
  • Islami Shasanbebostha
  • Nitir Paribarton Chai
  • Allahr Pathe Sangram
  • Panchdafa Karmosuchir Jowktikata Bishleshon
  • Amader Laksho O Path Chalar Niti
  • Karmokowsol
  • Islami Andolaner Daittoshilder Gunaboli
  • Bishoybhittik Ayah O Hadith
  • Islami Shasan O Muslim Khelaphater Itihas
  • Zelkhanar Dinguli
  • Nabochinta (Research Paper) with daily publication.


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