The superiority of Muslims remain in” establishing truth and resisting against injustice”. It is a holy duty for a Muslim to do this work with his/her level best . Especially, students are perfect soldiers for this work. That is why, students are active and effective manpower of a country and a nation.

US president Trump declared to move Israeli capital to Jerusalem the holy land of al Aqsa. Yesterday denying the all concern and protection raised from Muslim world trump has transferred US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And it was inaugurated by Donald Trump’s daughter and her son-in-law. US President Donald Trump himself addressed by video conferencing.

While Palestinian mass people protested against this forceful occupying, Israeli armed soldiers fired indiscriminately in peaceful demonstrations. It killed nearly half a million people and injured more than thousands of people. According to the Middle East Monitor and Times of Israel, during the inauguration of US embassy, Donald Trump also announced the closure of Azan (prayer call) in Jerusalem.

Condemn anger and protests have been issued by the central president of Islami Shasantantra Chhatra Andolan Sheikh Fazlul Karim Maruf and Secretary General. Hasibul Islam.

On this issue they announced a resistance demonstration tomorrow morning on 16/05/18, at 11am. For this they urged the students to come and gather in front of the National Mosque of Baitul Mukarram.

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